It was around 10.30 am, when Badiya had climbed the pole in order to
provide the new telephone connection. Unfortunately Badiya slipped and
fell on the ground. An unconscious Badiya was shifted to a hospital in
Kundapur. Doctors on discovering that Badiya had sustained an injury in
the spinal cord, got him shifted to Manipal hospital.
Badiya underwent treatment in the hospital for over 25 days. When there
was no improvement in Badiya’s condition, he was discharged from the
hospital with an advice to return, after three months of bed rest, for
follow-up treatment in the hospital. Having returned to the hospital, Badiya again was treated for 85 days.

Protection of working class: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Badiya Poojary bedridden for life
Badiya Poojary with his family