Krishna Poojary

An Innocent Indian in Al Khobar Jail.

The Indian embassies frequently ignore the rights of overseas citizens of India. Here is a shocking incident that would never have been brought to light without the forum stepping in. Even after the sentence was completed, the victim continued to remain in the Saudi Arabia jail. It was the forum, not the government with all its powers, that brought justice to this innocent breadwinner.

Krishna Poojary went to Saudi Arabia to work as a store keeper in Saleh Al Massoor Trading Company owned by one Mr. Abdul Khadir. Everything was going fine until, two of his colleagues, both Indians, disappeared with some goods worth about 70,000 riyals belonging to the company. After a week, Mr. Pujari was arrested for allegedly conspiring with the criminals at large. Without a fair trial, he was thrown into jail. Pujari was persuaded to sign a confession which he refused even after being tortured with electric shocks. He asked for an opportunity to let him go so that he could show them the records in the company registers. His pleas were ignored.

In India, Pujari’s wife approached the Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi and asked for help. The embassy simply ignored the letters from India. Forum contacted well wishers in KSA and asked them to contact the Indian Embassy. When the forum sent an email on 6-6-2000, the embassy wrote back although it had ignored Pujari’s wife for two years.

The embassy began to take action. When the verdict of the court dated 25-4-98 reached us, to our dismay, Pujari had already completed his sentence. He simply remained in jail because there was nobody to follow up his case. The embassy had made a serious mistake. Thanks to the Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi, Pujari was released on 5-2-2001.

Krishna Poojary

After Punishment