This incident happened in 2015. About 76 years old Indira G. Pai was from Kalathur of Udupi District. Her husband Late Gopal Krishna Pai had acquired sufficient property in and around Kalathur out of his own earnings. Daughter was married and settled in Tumkur. Son was residing along with his parents in their ancestral house at Kalathur. In 2007, Gopala Krishna Pai decided to divide all his immovable property when he was alive. About 37 acres of property was transferred to the son.
Tribunal orders son to give monthly maintenance to mother
When Gopala Krishna Pai felt that he and his wife were not taken care of properly, he left his own house along with wife. Both of them went to the daughter’s house at Tumkur and started residing with daughter. Pai was not in good health and was worried as his son did not visit him even 7 years after he left home.
Atrocities Against Senior Citizens
Indira G. Pai