Here is a case of land acquisition in the name of industrial development. Is there no way to growth without taking away the homes and the livelihood of the poor?
In the year 1989, the government decided to acquire about 800 acres of land for the purpose of establishing MRPL. Acquisition proceedings were accordingly initiated. In the result, all the house sites falling in Survey Number 175/2 were notified for acquisition. However without following due process of law, the residents of the said colony were forcefully evicted from their homes and the houses were demolished in their absence, when they had gone for work. 11 such residents lost their residences abruptly, without any form of prior intimation or compensation being provided......
On 12.05.1992, while some residents of Government Colony in Kuttetooru had left for work, Subraya Acharya had gone to the hospital to avail treatment for his asthma. The colony was virtually empty as everyone had gone out for their day to day activities. At such a time, the bulldozers under the mandate of the M.R.P.L. project entered the colony and demolished the homes of Subraya Acharya and his co-residents who were yet to receive their rehabilitation package. When Subraya Acharya and his co-residents entered, they were shocked to find debris in the place where their homes existed and all their belongings were mercilessly thrown around a tree in the village....Even the exact location of the said homes were not known to the residents given the extent of damage caused by the bulldozers to their home. Only a Ashwatha tree still stood and based on that, Subraya Acharya guessed where his house was and collapsed upon coming to terms of his home being demolished.
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