"Yogakshemam Vahamyaham'': The Journey of Shambhu Poojary

Test Report

Poojary Family

Mr. Shambhu Poojary

In a small village, Shambhu Poojary's life took a sudden turn when he passed away from a stroke, leaving his wife Girija and their children behind. Girija discovered a glimmer of hope in an insurance policy Shambhu had taken out, but her hopes were crushed when the insurance company denied the claim, saying Shambhu had AIDS before getting the policy.

Determined to find the truth, Girija sought help from various people and institutions. Suspense grew as doubts surfaced about the evidence provided by the insurance company.

Finally, after a long struggle, the truth came to light: the evidence was flawed, and the court ruled in Girija's favor, granting her the insurance money. Despite the challenges, Girija's perseverance and courage led to justice being served for her family.