Kamalamma (76 years) is originally from Tumkur. Having married Lingappa, an employee of Vishweshwaraiah Iron and Steel Limited (VISL), Bhadravathi, she was employed by the school belonged to VISL. Out of their earnings, the couple, in 1968, purchased 8 acres of agriculture land.
They had 3 children, a son and two daughters. All the three were very well educated, got married and are financially in good position.
In 2005, second daughter Nagalakshmi and her husband Rangaswamy contacted Kamalamma and requested to be surety for a loan to be taken from a Bank. Kamalamma was taken to an office, got her signed on several papers and a photo was also taken. Kamalamma could not understand why these formalities to borrow money from Bank.
Kamalamma gets back her Property fraudulently taken away
Having cultivated the land for eight long years, in 2013, Kamalamma wanted to divide and distribute the property among three children. When perused the documents of her property, she was horrified to learn that Nagalakshmi’s name appeared in all the documents. It was clear to her that in 2005, her daughter got transferred the property through gift deed. Immediately, she filed a suit at Civil Court. When the case was pending before the Court, she learnt that Nagalakshmi had sold the property to one Gopala of Bangalore. She could not understand how the property in question could be sold when there was a permanent stay to sell the same.
Atrocities Against Senior Citizens
Kamalamma Tumkur
Being counselled at HRPF