Basamma is aged about 85 years and an illiterate. She has seven children. She brought up her children by carrying out agriculture operations in the land passed on to her from her husband. She was intended to distribute the property equally to all 7 children.
Recently, after she came to known that she is cancer stricker, she was willing sell her property. By knowing this her eldest son Basavaraju took her to Tumkur Sub-registrar office and made her to sign the gift deed documents forcible.
Basamma gets back her Property fraudulently taken away
Basamma sought help of Human Rights Protection Foundation(HRPF). Volunteers of HRPF visited her at residence and videographed her statement, submitted a petition to Senior Citizen Tribunal, Bangalore (South) under the Maintenance and Welfare of parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007
Basavaraju agreed to re-transfer the property to his mother. Agreed with Tribunal to pay Rs. 5000/- per month to his mother. Satisfied Basamma distributed the property to 7 children by executing a will and died on 14-07-2005.
Atrocities Against Senior Citizens
Basamma being counselled