Senior citizen Monthin DSilva is aged about 85 years and widow of late Byaptist  Dsilva of Kallamundkur village of D.K District.  Byaptist couple gave education to their children, got them married and also purchased land out of their hard earned money.  Byaptist Dsilva passed away in 2006, leaving behind 6.25 acres of land and a house for his family.  After the death of Byaptis Dsilva, her children demand their share in family property.  Monthin Dsilva informed them to share the property with mutual consent.
In 2009, all the family members made a partition deed of the property and registered their share in the concerned member’s name.  Though they gave 2.25 acres of land to Monthin D Silva as her share, did not bother to Registered the property in Monthin’s name. Instead, they prepared the partition deed that all the children are joint holder of the said 2.25 acres. Further, the RTC issued also confirmed that all the children are joint holder of 2.25 acres.  Illiterate Monthin was not aware of cheating by her own literate children.
Atrocities Against Senior Citizens
Monthin D'silva