Vishalakshamma, a widow hailing from weavers' community, who was cheated of her property by her own son, has finally obtained justice.

Atrocities Against Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens at HRPF Office

"She had owned two houses - one was in her late husband’s name and another was in her own name. Her son Prashant Kumar, without her knowledge, had transferred all the property into his name in 2007 and 2009. After his marriage, he forcibly asked her to leave the house. She was then forced to go to an old age home in Bengaluru,"

"In 2013, she had given a complaint to assistant commissioner of senior citizen tribunal seeking re-possession of her houses. The court was supposed to give its verdict in 90 days but it took a long 369 days. Meanwhile, she went to 27 different departments, seeking justice, but all she got was humiliation in all of them,"

The Human Rights Foundation then came to her aid. Ravidra Shanbhagh sent a case history letter to ministerfor women and child development Umashree on April 23, 2015, pleading on her behalf.

Shanbagh received an answer from the women and child welfare department (WCWD). As per the letter, the complainant had to wait for 20 days for sorting out the case. Surprisingly, on Saturday May 16, Dr Shanbhag got a mail from Ruhini Sapat, deputy police commissioner, Bengaluru. She had ordered 'requite all her property from her son Prashanth under police protection'. The order further said that the volunteers of HR Foundation would be staying with her as a matter of safety.

Vishalakshamma alleged, "My son, Prashant Kumar, looted me of Rs 1.5 lac and gold ornaments worth Rs50,000. The site was granted by the government. Three-fourth of the house is let on rent. In one room, Prashant has his travel agency office, but it is only for name sake. He is getting nearly Rs 10,000 per month as rent for his alleged travel agency. I will forgive him but I am not ready to live with him."

Finally it was a good sign that she has regained all her property.