The paltry income from the father’s job was not enough to make ends meet. Pauline’s education came to a halt with High School. Mustafa, a brat from the neighbourhood was a great inspiration to her. The vagabond that he was, Mustafa had taken up a job in the Gulf and in no time had become the pillar of his household. 
 “Why don’t I go to the Gulf and do the same thing?” Pauline thought: At about the same time, Donald, one  of Pauline’s cousins employed in Kuwait, happened to return home. Pauline met him and asked him if he could fix up some job for her in Kuwait.
“Sitting here in India, it is impossible to search for a job in Gulf countries. You come to Kuwait on a visitors’ visa. It becomes easy to hunt for a job.” she was told.
Pouline Crasta
Cicily Crasta
Family Reunion

Pouline is reborn...

The Plight of Victims of Human Trafficking