Events at Bidar :
1984- R. K. Hegde announced industrialisation of Bidar district. Several incentives offered by Govt. of Karnataka. 1300 Acres of prime agricultural land belong to two villages Kolar and Nawbad were converted into Industrial Estate.
1985: 45 Pharma industries were established. Most of them were Medium & Small scale industries. Each of the industries produced 10 to 20 thousand Gallons effluents. Most of them were industrial chemicals. But Govt. did not provided any infrastructure to treat the effluents.
1986: Industries started functioning.
1986-90: During this period effluents from each industry percolated into the soil and contaminated the groundwater. Twenty Five Industries were closed for different reasons.
1991: Initially only Air Pollution was felt. Within few months effects of Water Pollution felt. During the month of June 800 heads of cattles were died.
1991- 96 Affected victims initiated protest march and other sort of agitations. Govt. of Karnataka sent three expert committees to Bidar. None of the committees identified the exact cause of the pollution. People’s agitation intensified....
Bidar Tragedy
Fight for Justice