Atrocities Against Senior Citizens:
Bhoja Shetty gifted all his hard earned properties such as a house and about 5 acre of agricultural land to his children. This 77 years old senior citizen is suffering from old age related health problems. At this stage of his life, he is forced to work as a daily wager for his livelihood. Seven years ago, he was ceremoniously thrown out from his own house and then onwards running from pillar to post for justice.
Starting from a scratch, Bhoja Shetty of Mudradi village in Karkala Taluk,slogged for his entire life and managed to acquire 5 acres of property and other assets for his five sons and two daughters. At present, he is suffering from blood pressure as well as diabetes. After the marriage of his two daughters and settling three of his sons in hotel industry in Mumbai and Goa, he still has to struggle for his two square meals and medicines.
Bhoja Shetty