Eighty years old Siddagangamma is a retired primary school teacher. Some years back, she had lost her husband in an accident. She has two children. A son Omkar murthy and a daughter Shylaja. Omkar murthy had completed his BE in SIT of Tumkur and worked as a lecturer there for one year. Later, he quit the job to start own business.
He borrowed loan on house which was acquired by Siddagangamma from her own earnings for finance and Metador business. But as he did not pay the interest of loan, house had to be auctioned., Siddagangamma cleared off loan of Rs. 4 lakh for two times.
Omkar murthy was working somewhere in North India, about one year back returned to native and started torturing Siddagangamma. If she does not listen to his words, he used to beat her mercilessly. She has to act as per his direction. She cannot tolerate the beating by her son. He threatened mother and took out all her jeweleries forcibly. He got transferred all her FDs to his name. As she could not tolerate his torture, she joined an oldage home at Vibhuthipuram of Bangalore. But he followed her there also and insisted her to transfer her inherited land and self acquired house of Tumkur. Due to this, oldage home send her out. There was no use though lodged complaints at police station.
Siddagangamma gets House Property as well as the Bank Deposits
Atrocities Against Senior Citizens
Siddagangamma Tumkur
Siddagangamma Tumkur being counselled